Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, what is an ePortfolio and why do you have to make one for this class? An eP (my abbreviation) is a way to collect together all your work and think about what you've learned as you created each assignment. Each thing you make (digitally) is called an artifact. Your eP is like a binder that has a page for each artifact you make.
While making the artifacts and getting them into the eP is important, even more important is what you write about what you've learned. This is called reflecting on your learning and it helps you become a better learner. By realizing how you feel, what frustrates you, what situations or processes help you learn faster or are fun and easy, you can apply that understanding to new situations! Be patient with yourself as you try this out. It takes a while to get good at it!
I'll demo what it looks like & how my thinking works as we set up eP's today.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trillion Dollar Footprint

Today's Lesson is called Trillion Dollar Footprint. You'll be learning how a digital footprint is created and how you can help shape your own.

At the end of today's lesson you will need to pick one of the following questions and post a reflective comment on it in this blog.

The questions to choose from are:

1. Can you tell what a person is really like offline based on what you find online?

2. What are some other types of information that make up your "digital footprint?"

Criteria for a good reflective comment are:

  • The language is formal. No text language or emoticons or slang.
  • You've proofread for spelling errors, capitalization and punctuation errors so that your writing makes sense to readers.
  • You include your thoughts about the question as clearly as possible. Give details to support your answer.
An example of a good reflective comment is:

Who helped shape Linda and Jason's digital footprints? 

   "Friends, newspapers and Linda and Jason all helped shape their digital footprints. Linda and Jason don't really have control over what other people write about them, especially newspapers, but what they can control (what they write about themselves) is what shapes my opinion about them. It makes me think that I should be more careful about what I say online because that's how people will judge me when they don't know me."

You can post your comment in the comment box at the bottom of the blog page. It will not show up right away because I moderate comments. Once I have read them over and approved them, they will show up.