Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hi & Welcome to the new section of students in InfoTech 8 in 2016.  We are working with the tools of of Information Technology. So, what is Info Tech, exactly? It's all of the technology tools related to school, but more than that, it's also about how we use those tools to be the best citizens of the world we can be.

As you work with the tools in our class, many of them web-based or "cloud" based, we're going to learn more than just the skills of using the tools. Safety, creativity, curiosity, and engagement all go into becoming a thoughtful individual! I hope you'll develop many of those qualities during your time at our school.

I mentioned a little bit today about your digital footprint and digital portfolios. Google, by common use, has become a digital portfolio for everyone, but what shows up in a Google search can't be fully controlled by you. During our time together, you can create a space in the Internet that is in your control and can demonstrate who you are and what you're capable of!

I look forward to the things we're going to work on together!

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