Thursday, October 9, 2014

Making Mistakes and Liking it!

After so many years in school, it's hard to believe that making mistakes is a good thing. Even so, most of what you've learned in your life has been because you made mistakes and learned from them. The best learning experiences we have are often the ones where making mistakes is fun because you go back and do something you're kind of enjoying. Sometimes, though, it can be really hard - like learning how to read or doing fractions or doing long division or learning how to do a lay-up. It all depends on who you are and what your strengths are.

We each can learn how to get better at something, but it means we have to stick at it. Even if something is really frustrating, if we keep trying (after taking a break from it for a little while to calm down) we will get better! It just means taking a risk.  Learning how to use technology can be like that, too.  Watch the following video by Sa-Hali Grad, Sophia de Zeeuw. Sophia graduated last year and presented at last year's TEDxYouth event, held at TRU last spring. It's pretty amazing to think we have a TED presenter who graduated from our school!

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